fertilidad lesbianas

Fertility in lesbian couples. How to decide which one will be the implanted mother?

Perhaps you both want to experience motherhood and be biologically involved in the process.

You might also want some advice on who’s having the baby or you may be looking for the best chance of becoming pregnant.

In both cases, fertility testing can be a solution for lesbian couples.

The fertile life

The most fertile window begins at around 20 years old, although ovulation has begun at about 14 years old.

At 30, female fertility starts declining.

First, it does so slowly, and by 36, the process accelerates considerably. So by the time you decide to have children, realise you can afford them, discussed it in depth with your partner and you’re both ready, it may already be too late for your biological clock. That fertile window might have closed.

Not all women are built the same, so if you are shocked by the statistics, keep on reading.

Here are some fertility factors for lesbian couples!


Fertility indicators

Ovarian reserve

Since before we are born, we are sexual beings.

In the case of women, we come into the world with a number of oocytes, which we can use during our lifetime. These are the ones that allow us to become pregnant, but they are available in a limited capacity, and we will never be able to produce new oocytes.

Menstruation is proof of how our body is prepared for pregnancy. Regardless of menstruation, contraceptive use or pregnancies, the number of oocytes will decrease over time.

Aging can damage the genetic material of your eggs. It’s a natural process, but if you want to stop the rate at which this happens, you can do a lot of things! You can stop smoking and drinking alcohol and start having better stress management techniques. We suggest you try this sometime.

We are sure you’ll notice it in your physical and mental health too!


The state of the uterus

The following fertility tests can be useful for lesbian couples in determining the morphology of their uterus and ovaries: transvaginal ultrasound, hysteroscopy, and endometrial biopsy.

Having a pregnancy plan is important in order to prevent miscarriages or difficulties in embryo implantation due to changes in the uterus. Testing is only one part in achieving a successful pregnancy.


The state of the fallopian tubes

Project baby is already underway, so it is important to consider that the fallopian tubes are another reference for fertility in lesbian couples. In fact, it is the first thing that is studied when pregnancy attempts are unsuccessful in heterosexual couples.

Appendicitis, peritonitis or varying levels of endometriosis may have affected the fallopian tubes. The recommended course of treatment is three natural or artificial inseminations before proceeding with a hysterosalpingogram.

This test uses x-rays to assess the level of permeability of the fallopian tubes and uterus. It can be somewhat uncomfortable since it consists of using a speculum in the vagina to clean it, and inserting a tube through it.


Now that you know about the fertility tests for lesbian couples, shall we start Project Baby?