Testimonial by Laura and Raquel, lesbian mums using the ROPA Method

Laura and Raquel’s story of their journey is full of optimism and positivity that can help encourage other couples to take the plunge into becoming lesbian mothers.

This process is never easy, but we have seen that the ROPA method has the advantage of using the highest quality eggs.

We would love to help you make your dreams come true. Just like ours came true.

Here is their story and also a beautiful photograph that they sent.

Testimonial by Laura and Raquel.

Hi, we are Laura and Raquel.

After years of enjoying each other’s company, we decided we wanted to start a family and share our love with a baby.

Being two girls the process itself is not as romantic as the original idea.

Since I’m a very positive person I was convinced that we would be successful on the first try, but then we got some devastating news.

Some years ago I had been an egg donor, and now at 38 years old, my anti-mullerian hormone level (AMH) was low. This indicates that either I have few or low-quality follicles.

Despite this, we decided to go ahead with a round of IVF, but it was unsuccessful.

After this disappointment, we weren’t so positive anymore. We decided to go in a different direction, so we contacted LESMATERNITY.

They recommended the clinic that they work with and we really liked the one-on-one treatment that they provide for homosexual couples. They are very detail oriented and adapt to what works for your family. It saved us a lot of headaches and mistakes like which medication to take, and when to take it in order to get the sperm ready.
We decided to give my eggs another try to see if even with the low anti-mullerian hormone it could work, but it was a no-go. So, we cancelled that round since it was just going to hurt our chances.
Then, they recommended that we try the ROPA method and we thought it was such a romantic notion of being able to share this maternity journey together.

Now we were both involved, one was going to knead the dough and the other was going to bake it.
After two failed attempts, we were revitalised. Now we had to wait.

The day we took the test it all started in the bathroom, we looked at it for what seemed like forever until the little screen read “pregnant”.

We couldn’t believe it! The stick was still trying to calculate how far along.

It seemed like maybe this time it was true!

While hugging and crying, we had every thought you can think of go through our heads, such as, the test was wrong and that it was just playing a prank on us, and that in a couple of weeks it would be negative. Our minds were racing.

Slowly we realised that it was true, that the test was right and we were beyond happy.

It was a perfect pregnancy! On the 40th week, this little baby arrived and he’s stolen our hearts.

It was an amazing experience, and we recommend it. Does it change your life? Yes. It’s a new stage in our lives, and now all the problems that we had in the beginning seem so far away. Every time I see his smile I know it was worth it!

Stay positive girls!


Laura, Raquel and Quim

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