Testimonial by Laura and M. José

Laura and M. Jose are two lesbian mothers that used the ROPA Method.

Their dream of having a baby has come true. This is a feeling we are very familiar with and you could too.

They’ve sent us a family photo. Don’t they look ecstatic?

It’s such an amazing feeling for us to see your happy faces…

Here is their story. It’s very emotional.


Testimonial by two lesbian mums: Laura and M. Jose


I can’t believe how time flies. A year ago we had no idea how we would make our dream (BECOMING MUMS!) come true.

It’s a difficult process that is made easier when you find the right people who share their own experiences and journey with you.

That’s exactly what happened to us.

By accident, we stumbled on a website, Lesmaternity, and we got in touch with them. We met with Bea who explained everything about the ROPA Method and she referred us to a clinic where they treated us like family. They were different than other businesses that are usually insensitive to couples like us.

We scheduled our first appointment for October 3rd. We were nervous.

But, we left the clinic with a very positive attitude. We were so pleased that we decided to choose Lesmaternity to make our dreams come true.

We started the treatment and, after a couple of anxious days, we had the egg transfer. We really hoped that everything had gone well.

The worst part is the wait. The days feel longer! It’s hard to not get your hopes up, but your mind immediately goes there.

The day arrives… and… you want to look. But you don’t.

All these feelings rush in, it’s indescribable!

Finally, we took a peek and… POSITIVE!

Our dream! We got it! We couldn’t believe it! Anything is possible!

Our little Maria was born this year on the 4th of July, and she’s the best part of our lives.

We will never forget that thanks to people like Bea and Lesmaternity we can finally hold our dream in our arms. All I can say is: THANK YOU!

We encourage other couples like us to never give up. Sooner or later THE DREAM COMES TRUE!