Lesmaternity, testimonio de madres lesbianas.

Testimonial by Esther and Marta

Esther and Marta are a couple that got pregnant with the help of Lesmaternity.

They are happy and we couldn’t be more proud.  We love to see the happiness that this journey brought them.

Here they share with us their experience from last year, which was not as pleasant as they had hoped. Still, they prevailed. As they say, this isn’t over, it’s just begun!

This is their story (the names have been changed in order to respect their privacy).

Hi, we are two women that wanted to start a family just like any other couple out there. I’ll tell you about our journey
so far.

A year ago we started researching clinics. After a few interviews,  we decided to go with artificial insemination. The price included three rounds. The test results were excellent; the doctor said I had good odds
and I had three rounds… so I felt good. The only “negative” was my age: 36. I took my medication fairly well. Sometimes following the schedule was difficult because of work hours but the needle pricks and timing the shots wasn’t a problem.

The insemination procedure is very simple, it only takes about 10 minutes.The worst part is waiting for the next 15 days when you’re unsure as to whether or not you are pregnant. You can’t tell if what you’re feeling is normal: if you should or shouldn’t do certain things… it’s been the hardest part for me. When the date was nearing I was afraid of going to the bathroom in case I had started spotting.

We did a lot of research on the internet that made us more insecure, such as: every woman is different, it feels like you’re getting your period, relax, distract yourself …

All three rounds were the same for us: two days before I was supposed to take the pregnancy test I would get my
period. I’m not sure which time was more painful. It was disappointing but we couldn’t give up. I did the three rounds consecutively. The doctor kept giving me hope. On my last failed attempt the doctor said that I shouldn’t try for a fourth as it was pointless.

I guess when something like this happens when you can’t get pregnant, you want to blame someone and so I blamed my doctor. I didn’t like the way they handled things, it was cold. Maybe I was expecting more attentiveness or that they showed more interest during that 15 days wait, especially since I did three rounds. I don’t know.

We chatted with some friends who were also trying. They mentioned LesMaternity.

I contacted Beatriz and she recommended a clinic in Barcelona where she had her treatment and we headed there.
The way they handled things, their front desk, facilities… it was so much better than the first one we went to.

I gave them all my tests and they gave me two options: IVF or artificial insemination. We talked about the statistics and odds, and we decided we would go with IVF.

We didn’t want to have another failure.

Everything was different. More medication.

During the extraction, they removed many eggs and 10 looked good. We decided to use two in case one didn’t take,
even though the doctor said that one would be enough since everything had gone so well.

I had to wait until my next period because of the hyperstimulation procedure. Two weeks later we returned to the clinic for the embryo transfer.

For the next couple of days during this “waiting period” I felt very different than the other times. I still had my doubts.It was three days before our doctor’s appointment and since we knew that the medication I was taking prevented me from getting my period we decided to take a pregnancy test and yes +++++. Hugs, tears, calls…

We hardly slept that night (I did the test before and with the urine at night). The colour in the test was so dark that we already thought both embryos had taken. Two days later I took the test again… same dark colour. I called the doctor and we made an appointment for the first ultrasound in two weeks. But a week before I started spotting. All those old feelings started to rush back, fear, doubts. The third test was still positive… I called the doctor and got an earlier date for the ultrasound just to be safe.

We went back to the clinic.

It’s truly amazing when you see those two little babies inside you through that machine!
Yes, Yes. Two.

The doctor was right. We could see their hearts beating. Amazing!

We walked out of there that day with the first photo of our future children, though, we are still wary since now the 6-week wait starts.

That’s where we are. We are extremely happy and also a bit scared that it’s two of them but we can’t wait to confirm
it so that we can start buying things for them and get everything ready for their

This is the story of our journey, but it doesn’t end here.