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Three benefits of using the ROPA method for lesbian mothers

Becoming a lesbian mother is possible through the ROPA method, which has great benefits for couples.

Sharing motherhood is a joint venture that makes couples very excited.

This strengthens your relationship and gives you both the energy you need to begin the process.


Some time ago, in this blog, we explained what this fertilisation method is.

Here is a three-step summary of the ROPA method used by lesbian couples:

  1. One of you begins with the process of a classic in vitro fertilization.
  2. The eggs are then fertilised with the donor’s sperm.
  3. Once fertilised, they are transferred to the other partner.

Have you experienced the benefits of using this method already? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Here are three benefits of using this method:


1. You’re both going to be mums.

You will have the same biological involvement: one will contribute the eggs and the other will carry the baby.

Imagine for a moment the feeling of knowing that you can both be biological mums. We know we smiled thinking about it.


2. Family approval of the baby

Even if your family has accepted your homosexuality and your desire to be a mum, this is not always the case for everyone.

Suppose one of you gets pregnant by conventional fertilization. It may be that the other partner’s family is not so happy that their daughter is not biologically involved in the process.

With the ROPA method they know that you will both be lesbian mothers and their grandchild, or grandchildren, will always be “just as much their own” as it is their “in-laws”.


3. Commonly used technique amongst physicians.

In Spain, the ROPA method has been used since 2005 when the law passed.

Therefore, doctors have been providing this treatment to lesbian mothers for more than 10 years.

So if you had any doubts as to whether this method is commonly used by them rest assured that it is.

If you decide to go down this road you should be aware that you might encounter some obstacles such as explaining it to your children.

This shouldn’t discourage you because the excitement of being a lesbian mother is a feeling you just can’t ignore and maternal instincts don’t distinguish between sexual orientation. It’s the same for all women.

The ROPA method allows you to share this fantastic dream with your partner. It helps you become lesbian mothers.


Go ahead, the world is yours!