Testimonial by Marta and Silvia


We thought 2015 would be our time to become mums.

We foolishly thought that any fertility clinic in Barcelona could help us with the ROPA method (since in the 10 years we’ve been together, this has been how we envisioned our life plan working out).  We were so wrong!

We started doing some price checking and going to different appointments, and they all insisted they had a lot of experience with ROPA. Finally, we settled on a well-known clinic.

From then our bad experience began. The team members would act like they disapproved or were surprised we would choose the ROPA method over IVF or even AI. We also had a lot of difficulties getting them to schedule us together and then we had two consecutive failed attempts (without frozen embryos).

After this disappointment, we decided to push it to 2016.  We found Lesmaternity and we were interested in knowing what made them stand out, so we contacted them.

When we met with Beatriz and later with Dr. Zamora we realised we didn’t have to put it off anymore.  There was another way.  They had a professional team, including front desk, accounting, nursing, anesthesiologists, biologists, and of course gynecologists.

Everything has been excellent and their experience with lesbian couples is remarkable.  (We assume that a big part of this is due to Lesmaternity)

To make a long story short, if everything goes right we will become mums to two babies next August. This is exactly what we wished for and we are so happy to hear that Lesmaternity has kept helping more women like us.

Thanks Beatriz and Marga.