Lesmaternity testimonials: Eli and Angi

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“Emotions run high when you consider starting or expanding your family, and sometimes these feelings can be overwhelming.

The legal aspects of it seemed daunting to us, but thanks to the girls at LesMaternity MHC our worries and doubts quickly disappeared. They gave us so much guidance and confidence in what we were doing. We are taking a pregnancy test in three days and we will find out if this journey continues. We realise now that no matter what the outcome is, we still believe that the ROPA method was the right choice for us.  Sharing this experience has strengthened our relationship tenfold. Taking this journey together has made us so happy, and it’s helped us embrace our fear as a friend and not an enemy.”

Eli and Angi are currently 10 weeks pregnant.

“Thank you so much for providing answers when we needed them the most”

Testimonial Lesmaternity: Sonia and Luisa




While doing research about different centres and clinics we stumbled upon an article about ROPA and we loved it.  I’ve always wanted to be pregnant and feel a life growing inside me so we decided that I would be the implanted mother and, since she is younger, my partner would be the biological one.  This way we would both feel like mums.

At first, we went to a well-known clinic in Barcelona, but we were very disappointed when they told us that we had to be married or in a defacto relationship in order to proceed. We knew that this isn’t something that heterosexual couples have to deal with.  We felt a bit helpless.

We found out that the LesMaternity MHC girls were having a briefing about the ROPA method at Casal Lambda.  We enjoyed the meeting so much that by the end of it we knew we wanted to try the method with them.

A couple of months later our test was positive! During our first ultrasound, we heard two heartbeats and found out we were expecting twins!

We are now two expectant mothers waiting for two babies that will be the light of our lives, all thanks to Lesmaternity and that initial meeting.”

Information about the ROPA method

The ROPA method is an excellent option for lesbian couples since both mothers are biologically involved in the pregnancy. “Reception of Oocytes from the Partner” also known as ROPA or “double maternity” is based on fertilising the eggs of one of the mothers and transferring the embryo to the uterus of the other mother, where the pregnancy will take place.

It is based on in vitro fertilization (IVF): the woman’s eggs are removed and then incubated in the laboratory with donor sperm or sperm is injected directly into the egg. When the appropriate growth of the embryo is observed, it is implanted in the uterus. The difference with normal IVF is that it is not the same woman who receives the embryo, but her partner.

The ROPA method requires that both women undergo hormone therapy, one to obtain the eggs and the other to prepare the endometrium of the uterus for the implantation of the embryo.

In the following diagram we show the procedure schedule of the ROPA method that we offer in Lesmaternity MHC Barcelona: